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China's industrial electric furnace market

1. Forecast of market demand:

70% of the parts in the machinery industry need to be heat treated, 70% to 80% of the parts in the automobile and tractor industries need to be heat treated, and 100% of tools, cutting tools and bearing products need to be heat treated, even if the service life of some civil light industrial metal products , The vast majority also rely on heat treatment to be improved. The fastener industry, bearing industry, chain industry, tool industry, automobile, tractor, and motorcycle parts industry all rely on heat treatment quality to compete in the market. With the development of industry, it is predicted that 400,000 to 500,000 tons of new thermal processing will be added every year within ten years. In addition, most of the domestic electric furnace equipment is obsolete and backward, and will tend to be eliminated and new. Therefore, the demand for industrial electric furnaces is still very large. of.

2. The development trend of electric furnace:

The future industrial electric furnace technology will have distinct characteristics of the times, with four major characteristics: intelligence, high quality, low cost, and environmental protection.

2.1 Intelligent

Develop and use the latest procedures and heat treatment databases, computer simulation technology and control technology, and adopt highly flexible and intelligent integrated control and management systems for industrial electric furnaces and their production lines. In the future, equipment operators only need to input the number of workpieces and patterns to be processed into the computer, and the entire equipment will process high-quality products by itself.

At present, real-time multi-project operation control of the entire system has been realized. Such as controlling the loading amount, operating speed, temperature, carbon potential, etc., can realize multiple group control systems, full screen monitoring and control the dynamics of batch feeding. It can fully control the process and can store several processes. It can completely record the process parameters (part number, material, temperature, atmosphere, etc.) detected in the operating conditions of the equipment, send it to the computer for processing and store the record. Can be read and printed at any time. It can store records for ten years.

2.2 High quality

The mass dispersion rate is zero, and the heat treatment distortion becomes zero. Quality control measures:

Equipment temperature control: furnace temperature stability≤±1℃, furnace temperature uniformity≤5℃, cold treatment temperature uniformity≤5℃. On-off temperature control will be eliminated.

Furnace atmosphere control: furnace atmosphere uniformity≤±0.05%C. Oxygen probe, carbon removal air pump, carbon potential controller, furnace gas regulator are generally used in electric furnaces.

Quenching tank control: in terms of ensuring the uniformity of workpiece hardness and reducing part deformation, it has developed from simply reducing the cooling rate in the past to devoting to improving cooling uniformity. The quenching tank is equipped with an adjustable speed and powerful agitator, and the flow field of the quenching tank is emphasized. Temperature uniformity. The temperature of the quenching tank is controllable. The computer cooling medium performance tester is accepted by many users.

Heat treatment distortion control: the preheating zone of the quenching furnace is lengthened to eliminate stress. It adopts a fully enclosed and heat-preserving controllable graded quenching tank. The temperature uniformity of quenching medium is ≤5℃. In order to reduce the amount of retained austenite of the parts, and control the micro deformation after hot working.

2.3 Low cost:

With my country's accession to the WTO, Chinese enterprises will be exposed to the environment of competition in the international market, and the market will urgently need inexpensive and good-quality heat treatment equipment. And cheap and good heat treatment equipment will be low-cost heat treatment equipment rather than low-cost heat treatment equipment. The cost of heat treatment equipment consists of five parts: equipment procurement costs, equipment operating costs, equipment maintenance costs, equipment shutdown costs, and heat treatment failure treatment costs.

To this end, equipment manufacturers will not strive to provide low-cost heat treatment equipment, but strive to provide low-cost heat treatment equipment.

2.4 Environmental protection type:

The World Summit on Environment and Development adopted the "Agenda 21" to advocate the development of cleaner production. my country officially listed cleaner production as a common technology to be developed and promoted in the "Decision to Accelerate Scientific Progress". Further promote and develop various clean heat treatment technologies and cleaning and cleaning technologies. During the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, the discharge of various waste water, waste gas and waste residues must meet the relevant national standards. Within ten years, we will strive to achieve close to zero environmental pollution caused by heat treatment.

At present, the more mature clean heat treatments include: controllable atmosphere heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment, induction heat treatment, ion heat treatment, laser heat treatment, less pollution-free cooling technology and cleaning technology.

3. Equipment purchase level:

The reliability, price and advancement of equipment have always been the three principles for purchasers to purchase equipment. However, the order of this principle and the combination of buyers' groups will change with the deepening of the market.

The ordering principles for purchasing equipment for large enterprises, military industrial enterprises, aerospace enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, and large-scale private enterprises are: advancement, reliability, and price; imported or foreign-funded enterprise products are preferred.
The ordering principles for purchasing equipment for private enterprises, transformed private enterprises, and small foreign-funded enterprises with a certain scale are: reliability, price, and advanced nature; foreign-funded enterprise products or domestic-funded high-quality products are the first choice.
Private enterprises in the accumulation of capital have the following principles for purchasing equipment: price, reliability, and advanced nature, with low-priced products as their first choice.

4. Market competition dynamics:

Domestic enterprises account for 80% of industrial electric furnaces, and the number of foreign-funded (sole proprietorship joint ventures) enterprises accounts for 20%. With the accession to the WTO, foreign industrial electric furnace equipment companies are also entering the Chinese market one after another, setting up factories in China, and market competition will become more intense.

Domestic electric furnace manufacturers should establish a modern enterprise management system and actively implement international quality management standards. Competition in the electric furnace equipment market will further force companies to reduce costs, and competition will make the profit trend of electric furnace equipment more reasonable. Let us find the market position in the fierce competition, develop leading technology, manufacture reliable products, reduce production costs, strengthen after-sales service, and with the deepening of China's reform and opening up, the strengthening of the market economy will force a large number of component manufacturers to mass production Road, thereby further increasing the demand for industrial electric furnaces. This will bring new opportunities to equipment manufacturers.

Foreign machinery manufacturing and industrial electric furnace equipment manufacturers have entered China and improved the technology of my country's heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry through technical exchanges between China and foreign countries. At the same time, the ruthless adjustment of the market also forces my country's industrial electric furnace equipment manufacturing industry to strive to improve the overall level of equipment production. With the improvement of the overall level of the manufacturing industry, it is no longer a dream to participate in the competition in the international industrial electric furnace equipment market.

Article source: China Industrial Electric Furnace Information Network