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Heat treatment process of induction heating equipment of intermediate frequency machine

Electromechanical has many metal processing operations for metal contouring or making metal surfaces smooth, but only heat treatment with medium frequency induction heating equipment can maximize the final properties of metal materials.

The birth of high-frequency induction heating equipment makes the induction heating technology show the best, not only can heat the metal object as a whole, but also can selectively heat each part locally;

It is also widely used in heat treatment: local or overall quenching, annealing, tempering, and heat penetration of various metals; hot forming: whole piece forging, partial forging, hot heading, hot rolling; welding: various metal products brazing, Welding of various tool blades, saw blade teeth, steel pipe, copper pipe welding, welding of the same and dissimilar metals, etc.


Reminder: To use this equipment, there must be more than two people to operate the high-frequency equipment, and the person in charge of the operation must be designated. Wear insulating shoes, insulating gloves and other prescribed protective equipment. Therefore, everyone should be careful when using it, so as not to cause damage.

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