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Induction heating furnace related points

1. The heating principle of the induction heating furnace:

The relationship between the heating coil heated by an induction heating furnace and the object to be heated (metal) is the same as the relationship between the primary side and the secondary side coil of a transformer. The magnetic lines of force generated by the intermediate frequency current passing through the heating coil are concentrated on the object to be heated, and the eddy current is generated by the electromagnetic induction to heat the object to be heated.

According to the type and shape of the metal, the frequency, power, heating time, holding time, coil shape, etc. of the appropriate AC current can be selected to make the metal heating meet the heating process requirements.

2. Technical points of induction heating furnace

The radial temperature uniformity of non-ferrous metals such as steel rods, aluminum rods, and copper rods heated by induction heating furnaces depends on the correct selection of power frequency and heating time that match the diameter of the workpiece; the uniform axial temperature and gradient temperature difference depend on the induction The structural form and heating method of the device. The structure of the induction heating furnace inductor adopts a spiral heating coil, and each group of multi-layer coils can control the power independently. And then realize the gradient heating. Generally speaking, the induction heating furnace is used for induction ripening of metal materials for extrusion or forging.