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What are the automation degree and characteristics of vacuum induction melting furnace?

Main features of vacuum induction melting furnace:

Oxygen-free, no harmful gas vacuum smelting, vacuum casting.

The induction heating temperature is high and the melting speed is fast. Temperature controllable.

Under vacuum conditions, alloying elements are added, the burning loss is less, and the composition is adjustable.

Electromagnetic/manual stirring, uniform alloying.

Compact structure, convenient operation and simple maintenance.

It has functions such as power failure, water failure, undervoltage and other alarms and electrical interlocking.

It is divided into vertical, horizontal, periodic, semi-continuous and continuous structural forms.

A variety of specifications to meet the needs of different uses and different processes.

The degree of automation of vacuum induction melting furnace:

The computer control system is adopted with a high degree of automation. The melting period is short and the overheating rate is high. Only by adopting a computer control system can the potential of the equipment be realized and the plant and operators can be effectively protected. At present, the melting furnace has been equipped with a relatively complete computer-aided monitoring and control system, and its main functions include:

(1) When the molten iron in the furnace crucible reaches the pre-programmed temperature, it is guaranteed to automatically reduce the furnace power;

(2) Monitor, calculate and control the temperature of molten iron;

(3) Provide automatic sintering procedures for new furnace linings;

(4) Determine the amount of C, Si and other added elements that meet the requirements of the molten iron;

(5) It has an automatic cold start device.

The smelting management system provides diagnostic results and various information on the power supply and furnace operation through an easy-to-read display. If the alarm system is activated in an abnormal state, the smelting management system will provide the problem and store the fault information for troubleshooting, and can also be connected to a printer for print retention. Through the smelting management system, various diagnostic information can be obtained and a series of other functions can be operated.

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