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Characteristics of vacuum induction furnace

The induction furnace can be divided into high frequency furnace, medium frequency furnace and industrial frequency furnace according to the power frequency, melting furnace, heating furnace, heat treatment equipment and welding equipment according to the process purpose It can also be classified according to its structural form, transmission mode, etc. .

The commonly used induction furnaces are conventionally summed up as central induction furnaces, non-central induction furnaces, Vacuum induction melting furnaces, induction quenching equipment and induction head heating equipment. Vacuum induction melting furnaces are used to melt heat-resistant alloys, magnetic alloys, electrical alloys and high-strength steel. The characteristics of this type of furnace are that it is easy to control the furnace temperature, vacuum and melting time, so the degassing of burden can be sufficient.


In addition, the alloy material can be accurately controlled, so it is melting aluminum, titanium and other active elements of heat-resistant alloys and precision alloys more appropriate furnace. The induction melting furnace has the general advantages of electrometallurgy, such as easy to create the necessary atmosphere, easy to adjust the temperature specification, in addition to reducing metal burn-out, ensuring casting quality, increasing productivity and reducing labor intensity, the electromagnetic stirring in molten metal can ensure alloy composition uniformity