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How to maintain high frequency quenching equipment?

Like equipment, we all have a life cycle. The difference is that we can exercise independently, see a doctor and take medicine, while equipment can only be passively checked and repaired. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, we must consider the service life. It should also be well maintained during use. 

The following problems should be paid attention to in the use of high frequency quenching machine: 

1. The high-frequency quenching machine must be equipped with a good grounding protection terminal, that is, the correct grounding wire is connected, which is conducive to the protection of personal safety by the welding machine. 

2. It should be placed in an appropriate working space, as dry and clean as possible to reduce dust. 

3. When the high-frequency quenching machine is working, it will generate high-energy heat, so it is not easy to place it beside the machine that generates high heat, or other spaces with high temperature, and it is not suitable to be placed in the place where the sun is directly irradiated. The important components of the welding machine will have great disadvantages, so placement is not recommended. 


4. When the workpiece is processed by the high-frequency quenching machine, the sensor should not be in contact with the sensor, otherwise it will easily lead to ignition, which will damage the sensor and seriously damage the equipment. 

5. When the power of the machine is turned on, you will hear the sound of the fan rotating. This is the cooling fan for the core components to dissipate heat. If the fan fails, you need to turn off the power immediately and arrange technical maintenance immediately.

6. The equipment should be dedusted from time to time, and the water pipes of the equipment should be descaled to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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