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Process flow of high-frequency induction hardening equipment

1、 Process flow of high frequency induction hardening equipment for slewing ring:
1. The full digital intelligent induction heating power supply adopts a parallel full digital IGBT module, which can monitor the heating process data in real time and has strong stability. It is equipped with a set of induction heating load, which can be used with sensors of different structures. Satisfactory heating effect can be achieved through load matching and adjustment.

2. The customized quenching machine tool is designed with a three-dimensional servo machine tool, and a horizontal sliding table is designed on the beam to realize the radial movement of the inductor; The moving beam is designed with inductor lifting and horizontal moving slide table to realize inductor lifting and horizontal moving. The inductor heating load is designed to be installed on the horizontal moving slide table.

The inverter output transformer and inductor are driven by servo motor and ball screw respectively for lifting movement, forward and backward movement and lateral movement. The moving guide rail is linear guide rail, and the moving position can be accurately controlled.
The customized quenching machine tool adopts the structure of transformer lifting movement, radial feed movement and transverse movement, and the rotary table adopts the servo motor to drive rotation, which can realize the automatic indexing of gears and the continuous scanning and quenching of raceways. The machine tool has a good general use.
Continuous scanning quenching for inner and outer channels of slewing support and single tooth quenching for tooth part. According to the technical requirements, different quenching processes are selected to achieve the final use effect.