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What is the working principle of high frequency quenching machine?

Heating equipment is indispensable in all industries. Among them, the high-frequency heating machine is a machine that can be heated by induction current, and it is also a relatively environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment. However, many people do not fully understand the principle of its operation. Let's take a look . In layman's terms, the high-frequency quenching machine mainly uses the conversion between electric, magnetic and thermal energy to achieve the effect of heating the object to be heated by itself. Let's learn more about it: 

Through the conversion of the electromagnetic heating device, the 50HZ/60HZ AC power is converted into a DC voltage, and then the DC voltage is converted into a high-frequency voltage output with a frequency of 20-40KHZ through the control circuit, and the fast-moving high-voltage current produces high-speed changes in the cable. magnetic field. After the cable is in contact with the iron container, the surface of the container will cut alternating magnetic lines of force to generate alternating current (ie eddy current) at the metal part at the bottom of the container. thermal energy. 


Induction heating is to generate a current vortex in an inductive coil through an alternating current, that is, an eddy current, which makes the electron holes in the magnetic conductive object in the coil move to generate heat. High-frequency induction heating equipment can instantly heat metal objects to any desired temperature, including its melting point.

The high-frequency quenching machine tool is composed of a bed, a loading and unloading mechanism, a clamping, a rotating mechanism, a quenching transformer and a resonance tank circuit, a cooling system, a quenching liquid circulation system, and an electrical control system. In terms of structure, there are two types: vertical and horizontal. The induction quenching process is mainly realized by the cooperation of the quenching machine tool and the medium and high frequency power supply. Parts are quenched and heat treated.

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